Yeppers, that's right, more links for your entertainment, and so you can have a good excuse to get off my site :P (btw I'm the only one that seems to have updated my page here, so everyone else sucks.)

Friend's pages

Byron's Page

Well, this hasn't been updated for a while, it should be soon, but go and have a gander at the formal pics, funny stuff.

Alex's page

This page remains to be one of the most fulfilling and entertaining pieces of wizardry available in the world. 

Marianne's page

This wonderful page has emerged from it's chrysalis and become a wonderful butterfly of a page. Ok, I'm exaggerating slightly. But it's pretty funny, although it hasn't been updated since August the 21st. 2001 that is.

Lucy's page

Hmm, very interesting. Another page which hasn't been update for yonks.

Zoe's page

Well, Zoe linked me. So I'll link her. Hope ur happy zoe :P This was updated fairly recently, go have a look here this is a pretty funny page! 

Bec's page

Yep, another freeservers page. Those freeservers things are popular. Also hasn't been updated since the rise of the German dictatorship. But still, some entertaining content. 


Other pages

The editing room

This site is PACKED with the FUNNIEST parody scripts you will find anywhere, you must go here if you're after a good few hours worth of humour, bloody good site.

All your Base

All your link are belong to ME. I found out this link originally. Okay I've seen this about 498234293 X10 times but for those that haven't seen it, check it out.

The burn maker

Yep, another great invention from the dudes at This gizmo takes ur text and adds profanities and swear words. Sometimes not necessary for people like me, but handy nonetheless. Have a look.

Digital Blasphemy

I still get all my backgrounds from here, absolutely kickarse site with lotsa good backgrounds. But really only go here if u wanna add some spice to ur desktop.


Well, I was bored one week so I bunged together this map for UT, and it looked pretty good so I sent it in. And I got rocked :) This weird map has actually been on a few websites, and its been downloaded like 1893 times, which is funny coz i had no idea what I was doing. I'm very proud of this map. Don't diss it.


This is possibly the best site I have found for lovely flash animations. If you're bored, go here, it is the ultimate.

Well, thats all the links, if u want me to add ur site here, just email meeee.