The name's Kek. Kek Joshi. Ketan to the most formal of people. I'm in Year 11. Turned 16 recently. 2nd November actually. I like animals, dogs, and animals. I have a dog, if you hadn't figured yet. His name is Tipu. But enough about him. I've got a guestbook, so people can insult me about how much I talk about my dog. Well this dandy recent pic involves Alex Macleans bottle of nuclear waste.

Hi to everyone that knows me, the vast, vast majority of you are champions. As for the ones that aren't champions, well, you suck. Don't worry, you'll know if you're a champion or not. On, the other hand, if you don't know me, I have no right to say whether you are a champion or not. 



Quotes are gay. You can quote me on that