Well, these r all the pics, neatly organised, have fun!


These are the athletics carnival pics from 2001, bit old but good for a look at for those with lots of bandwidth to spare. like me.






These are the pics from Bundanon, once again 2001 but these are a little more entertaining. Some very nice scenic photos







Yeeeesss.....these are the photos from Canberra. Not many here but interesting nontheless. Enjoy.






I was bored allright? I did these when I was bored. Which explains the weirdness of these. Just fine tuning my fotoshop skillz as well. Only 5 here, so enjoy




These are the lovely pics from Jenolan caves. Once again, not many so don't panic you ancient 56k modem users.






Hmm, tristan's movie night. I can't even remember when this was, but it wasn't too long ago. Interesting stuff anyway, have a goosey. The first few are pics of dog!





These are the ancient pics from years 9/10. If you know people from Epping boys, check out these pics, they're really funny :)




These are the most recent pics, the ones I photoshopped I got from here. Worth checking out, have a gander at these geezers.






These are pics from the zoo. Hence the name, zoo pics. Enjoy.