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Tipu Sultan
(The dog,not the king)
And the mega space guy dude Sil.E.Bugger

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Tipu was born on the 7th of September, 1998. at 8 weeks old he weighed only 8 kilos, and he had a huge stomach.He was eventually named Tipu, but there were a few others, e.g. Mango,Kebab, Frutin Brog etc. Today he is about 2 years of age, in human years about mid-twenties. He is fairly untrained, but he knows a few tricks,like sit, down, paw, and Whine. He was a named Tipu after the king 'Tipu Sultan'. He LOVES tearing upcardboard and stuff. He is friendly and likes people(depending on the amount of food that certain person has with them).I was stuffing around with a digital camera and a lego toy when I came across Sil.E.Bugger, I've so far made four and a half,and I think i'll start a new series...just to be creative. and I'll try updatingthe DogGallery as often as possible.

                                                                                             Ketan Joshi